Making our way into the future through R&D

Sanovel is one of the strongest companies in the Turkish Pharmaceutical Industry, which realizes the most innovative ideas with the most agile moves through research and development. The basis of its R&D activities is openness to innovation, development and change, respect for the environment and society, and value for people. It always uses its scientific and technological infrastructure, high standard facilities and qualified workforce to achieve the best.

Our Difference, Difference
All products in our portfolio have been developed as a result of our own R&D efforts.Our activities to develop new molecules that will carry Sanovel into the future and to develop innovative products are still ongoing.Turning challenges into opportunities and thinking innovatively are our most valuable principles. In our R&D center, drugs are developed in almost all pharmaceutical forms in different treatment groups and we aim to compete globally in the pharmaceutical industry on 5 continents.As Sanovel, we focus on big and innovative goals in all our R&D activities. We are working with all our strength to produce radical changes and permanent solutions in the field of health.We aim for innovations that will make a worldwide impact in our work.With all our employees and facilities, we aim to carry the Turkish Pharmaceutical Industry into the future and achieve great success in the global market.

The Future Face of Sanovel

The Sanovel R&D Centre
cience lies at the heart of all the work of our R&D center. With a pioneering team in the field of generic product development, we make technological and scientific contributions to our country by adopting the most advanced innovation approach and support development. With its wide product portfolio, it develops innovative products for a healthy future. Our center is based on development, innovation and human value.

Our main goal is to develop and launch key products quickly, using the latest technologies in product development, and to lead the sector by making a difference. In the light of this approach, Sanovel successfully fulfills its responsibilities and makes hard-to-reach products easily accessible and widespread.Our strong team works hard to develop niche products in addition to standard products. As a result of our diligent efforts, we have introduced many new molecules and generic products to the Turkish market. In addition, Sanovel has developed and continues to develop products that will be marketed all over the world, especially in the EU, US and CA, with its experience. It protects every product it develops with Intellectual Property.

Our productive, agile, innovative and cutting-edge R&D efforts and innovative perspective have made Sanovel one of the most important organizations in the Turkish Pharmaceutical Industry.We aim to carry the Turkish Pharmaceutical Industry into the future and achieve great success in the global market.
Our R&D Divisions;
Formulation optimisation
Chemical analysis
Process optimisation and technology transfer
CMC (Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls)
Our R&D Products
Solids (tablets, capsules, and pellets)
Liquids (prepared as sterile dosage forms within a wide portfolio of indications)
R&D Activities
Apart from the development of conventional generic medications, the following are some project examples where we aim to be the first generic formulation business in the global markets, particularly Turkey, USA, Canada and Europe.
Combination formulations
Innovative solid dosage forms produced using new production technologies, such as bi- and tri-layer tablets, capsules within a capsule, pellet-based tablets, etc.
ODT (orally disintegrating tablet) formulations
Awards We Have Won

Our Awards

At the 5th Summit of R&D Centres held on the 27th September 2016, Sanovel was awarded the 1st prize in Turkey, in the category “Competence in Intellectual Property Law”, by the Industry and Economy Minister.
Moreover, we won the 1st prize in the Pharmaceutical Sector for our R&D activities and making the most patent applications.
At the 6th Summit for R&D and Design Centres held on 20th-21st December 2017, we won 1st prize in our sector for two consecutive years for making the most patent applications.
At the 8th International Medicinal Chemistry Congress amongst the awards for R&D, we won the first prize in the category "Pharmaceutical Firm making the most patent applications".
Our investment in R&D

Investing for the future

At Sanovel, we continuously invest in development and optimisation. Ever since the foundation of the company, our doors have remained open to change, novel ideas, and innovation. We aim to reach excellence in production through utilising advanced technologies and the infrastructure required to achieve the same.
Our firm adheres to the rules enshrined within the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) framework by making use of high technology devices and conducting our R&D studies with the latest technology available within the pharmaceutical field. Our products are developed for regulated markets by using a QbD (Quality by Design) approach to achieve a market-leading status when they enter.


Deep dive into the quality policy our firm uses to manufacture products for a healthy life.

Production to Global Standards

Sanovel, with its world standard production facilities, technological infrastructure, strong R&D basis, and unique talent, works to produce a healthy future as a leader in its own sector. Its aim, through innovation, agility, and respect for society and the environment, is to go from strength to strength each day, thanks to the team’s knowledge of manufacturing to high standards, and a strong vision to have its name associated with success in the global market.