Sanovel is producing for a healthy future and leading the pharmaceutical sector with its world-class production facilities, technological infrastructure, powerful R&D, and unique talent. The company’s concept of manufacturing products to global standards in an innovative and agile manner with due respect to both society and environment, helps it go from strength to strength, every single day.

Leading the Industry,
World Class

Sanovel, with its world standard production facilities, technological infrastructure, strong R&D basis, and unique talent, works to produce a healthy future as a leader in its own sector. Its aim, through innovation, agility, and respect for society and the environment, is to go from strength to strength each day, thanks to the team’s knowledge of manufacturing to high standards, and a strong vision to have its name associated with success in the global market.

To the Future with our R&D
We are on our way

Researching and developing the most innovative ideas and adopting the most agile actions has made Sanovel one of the most powerful players in the Turkish pharmaceutical industry. At the heart of our R&D studies lies a passion to cure patients, openness to innovation, development, change, respect for the society and environment, and the value it provides to people. Sanovel uses its scientific and technological infrastructure, state-of-the-art facilities, and qualified workforce to always achieve even better.


Deep dive into the quality policy our firm uses to manufacture products for a healthy life.