The Sanovel Campus

Learning & Continuous Development

Sanovel Campus is a new Artificial Intelligence powered digital platform that allows our teams to upskill and reskill talent, laden with collaboration features to communicate and to socialise. The Campus is open to the entire Sanovel family for access, truly enabling learning and development without physical or geographical barriers.

What’s available on Sanovel Campus?

I am Learning and Developing

Under the "I am Learning and Developing" menu, there are professional, technical and personal development training topics. Training modules that have been newly uploaded training modules on current topics are regularly delivered to the Sanovel Campus via notifications.

Agile Development Tools

Under the “Agile Development” menu, we share information about digitalization tools of today and the future - a feature that helps us embrace digital transformation, across the organisation. Instant notifications are readily available in this area as well.

Internal Communication

All internal company notices are found under the "Announcements" menu on Sanovel Campus. Through mobile notifications, all members are instantly informed of all the announcements under Sanovel’s roof.

About Sanovel

Under the "About Sanovel" menu, there is information about the history, vision, values, and culture of Sanovel Pharmaceutical. It’s a one-stop shop for everything one would want to know about the company.

Career Opportunities

Under the “Career Opportunities” menu, there are announcements about hiring at Sanovel. Career opportunities are also instantly advertised through notifications.

Social Groups

There are two sections in the social area of Sanovel Campus: "sharing group" and "my personal page".In the Sharing Group area, there are separate social groups on different topics.With social groups, all Sanovel Pharmaceuticals employees can share posts, like and comment on these posts, and interact regardless of time and place.In the My Personal Page area, our employees can create their own blog. With my personal page, all Sanovel Pharmaceuticals employees can share their own blogs, like and comment on these posts, and interact regardless of time and place.


The resources section provides access to files such as regulations, procedures, and corporate forms.