Overseas Activities

Advancing Our Success To Other Continents

Production That Meets Global Standards
Being a leading company in the pharmaceutical sector of Turkey, Sanovel takes uncompromising efforts in developing products of highest quality to global standards and becoming a thought leader in the sector. Sanovel also possesses one of the largest factories in Europe and has obtained cGMP authorisation from the authorising bodies of various countries, following rigorous and comprehensive inspections. The company initiated its export activities by entering the Commonwealth of Independent States market in 2004 and subsequently began exporting its products to Europe in 2011.Export to Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Canada, Germany, England, France, Sweden, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Albania, Bosnia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Moldova, Iraq, Yemen, Lebonan, Cyprus, Jordan, Afghanistan, USA, Somailia, Mexico, Spain, Libya, Chile, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and European Countries with more than 400 product licenses Sanovel strengthens its power in existing export countries and continues its efforts to enter new markets
Driving Change Through Agility
Sanovel Business Development and International Operations Functions, in coordination with R&D, Licensing, Intellectual Property and Legal Functions, create new business opportunities for Sanovel in new geographies.

In 2019, the Company received ANDA approval and became the only Turkish pharmaceutical manufacturing company with the right to sell finished products to the US market. In the near future, Sanovel aims to increase its presence in international markets in the MENA, Southeast Asia and LATAM regions. We have 250 marketing authorizations pending registration approval in our current export countries and new markets.

With an agile export team that quickly adapts to change and innovations and works at global standards, the Company aims to expand its power in the world day by day.