Sustainability And Our Work On Social Responsibility

We Act Responsibly Towards Environment, Society, And The World

We Act Responsibly Towards Environment, Society, And The World
At Sanovel, we keep a constant eye on all our actions which reflect the responsibility we have towards the environment and society. We aim to undertake projects that add value to our ecosystem and . We also aim to bring utmost impact with every decision we make, evaluated from the perspective of social responsibility. Through all these years, supporting many businesses and foundations has helped us touch the lives of many people.
Up to the present time, through supporting many businesses and foundations, we have touched the lives of very many people.

Sustainability Projects at Our Production Facility

Sanovel is a well-established pharmaceutical company that regularly monitors its environmental performance by determining its objectives and targets to control environmental impacts and reduce resource use, in order to pass on a clean and healthy environment to future generations, and aiming to take firm steps with the strength it derives from its values.

We carry out all our activities by focusing on respect for the environment, society and people, and we consider leaving a more livable and healthy world to future generations as one of our top responsibilities. The "Zero Waste Certificate" we received from the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization with our efforts to prevent waste, which we have implemented within the scope of sustainability, which is one of our strategic priorities, is an important milestone for us on this path. We know that waste-free life is the most important part of a great whole, and we continue to take new steps for a sustainable world and environment within the framework of our respect for the environment and society.

With the contributions of all our colleagues, accompanied by energy efficiency awareness training programs, we were entitled to receive the SO50001:2018 Energy Management System certificate at the end of 2022. This certification is an important step we have taken in the sustainability process to minimize environmental impacts by using energy resources more efficiently.

In order to use energy resources less and more effectively, we consider the efficiency level achieved in terms of energy and water consumption among our priority criteria when deciding on our new project investments. Accordingly, we replaced some of the asynchronous motors with high energy consumption in air handling units with IE4 high efficiency motors. In this way, we reduced the electricity consumption of the motors by 5-10%.

In the circulation pump groups, which have an important place in our electricity consumption, changes with high-efficiency models integrated as both motor and pump are among our investment plans for 2023.

According to 2021; In 2022, we reduced our electricity consumption per unit by 27.9% , natural gas consumption per unit by 26.1% and water consumption per unit by 2.4% . As Sanovel, we believe that more is possible with less energy source for a sustainable world. Our project work on the Solar Energy System, which has come to the fore in recent years due to being a clean, environmentally friendly, renewable and inexhaustible energy source, continues, and we aim to invest in this project in the coming period. With the SPP, which has a long operating life and efficiency, we aim to meet a significant part of the factory's electricity need, while minimizing the harmful gas outputs that pollute the environment, and to achieve a significant reduction in our carbon footprint.

Kahramanmaras Earthquake

In the earthquake that took place in Kahramanmaraş on 6th February 2023 Sanovel in International Markets Export to Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Canada, Germany, England, France, Sweden, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Albania, Bosnia, Macedonia, Kosovo, and affected 11 cities in total, as Sanovel, we implemented various aid campaigns in cooperation with the TR Ministry of Health, AFAD, Kızılay, Women's Work Foundation and Turkish Spastic Children Foundation. We delivered 215,000 boxes of medicines covering various treatment areas to the Turkish Ministry of Health to be delivered to the earthquake zone. With the coordination of AFAD, we sent 1 truckload of supplies to the Hatay region. In cooperation with the Red Crescent, we put into service the Sanovel Soup Kitchen, which provides 3 meals a day for 10 days. In cooperation with the Foundation for the Support of Women's Work, we delivered hygiene kits to our women affected by the earthquake on March 8, International Women's Day. As part of the donation we made to the Turkish Spastic Children Foundation for our disabled children in earthquake areas, we embraced the long-term treatments of 8 earthquake-affected disabled children and crowned the 14 March Medicine Day with this precious cooperation.

The Izmir Earthquake

Through AFAD, we delivered hand disinfectants of an important brand that we started to produce in our own factory for the Izmir earthquake to our citizens who were victims of the earthquake.

In order to meet the disinfectant needs of AKUT aid teams who carried out field work in the Izmir earthquake, we delivered our own disinfectants to the earthquake area.

The "Rural Sister Schools" Project

In cooperation with the GEA Search and Rescue Team, as part of the "Rural Sister Schools" Project in Samsun and Bingöl, we sent disinfectants and aid packages to over 200 students who needed help in 3 rural schools.

Mediterranean and Aegean Fires

In line with the volunteer work of our employees in the region, we provided pain relief tablets and gel support to our citizens who were affected by the flood and to the teams that continue their search and rescue efforts in the region, in order to bind our wounds together in the flood disaster that occurred in the Western Black Sea Region.

West Black Sea Flood Disaster

We provided the technical materials needed by the GEA Search and Rescue teams involved in fire extinguishing and cooling in Bodrum Milas Region in case of fires in various regions of our country.

Business with the Make a Wish Association

We realized the wishes of our children with the Wish Design Workshop, which was held in cooperation with the participants of the Sanovel Maestro Development Program and the Make a Wish Association.

Support to Nature

We realized the wishes of our children with the Wish Design Workshop, which was held in cooperation with the participants of the Sanovel Maestro Development Program and the Make a Wish Association. Support to Nature As Sanovel, we always dream of a greener future. In this context, we contributed to our nature by distributing our seed balls all over Turkey with the help of Ecodrone, with the project we realized in cooperation with Ecording, special for May 14 Pharmacy Day.