Development, Innovation and Humanity is in our DNA

At Sanovel, it’s our mission to take each step firmly, become more agile, and achieve bigger goals. With our strong R&D, unique talent, and products of the highest standard, we are working towards creating a healthier world.

Our Strength Comes From Our Values

Creating a healthier world involves believing in a value system which keeps everyone inspired, fueling strength to achieve better, every single day. That is exactly what we do!

Sanovel Journey From Past to Present

The Founder of Sanovel entered the Pharmaceutical sector in 1976 when he started Ankara Galenos Pharmaceutical Wholesaler. This laid the foundations for Sanovel to be established in 1983.

Our Goal is to Progress with the Same Success on Different Continents

Sanovel is a successful leader in Turkey’s pharmaceutical sector. However, we are rapidly expanding to the rest of the world through our philosophy of developing high-quality products at global standards.