Drawing Strength From Our Values

Creating a healthier world involves believing in a value system which keeps everyone inspired, fueling strength to achieve better, every single day. That is exactly what we do!

Our Vision
We at Sanovel, lead by example with our industry-leading R&D, high-quality medicines and unique talents to bring HEALTHIER and LONGER life to the patients around the world.
Our Values
Ethics & Trust
Continuous Improvement
Respecting Society & Environment

Ethics & Trust

At Sanovel, every step taken and every decision taken is in accordance with the requirements of the business and legal procedures. The basis of our ethical understanding is to give confidence to all our stakeholders by distinguishing between good and bad, right and wrong.
We proceed with the principles of business ethics in every decision we make while doing our job.
We are always reliable, open and honest with our patients, employees and all stakeholders with whom we cooperate.
Every step we take is attributed to being just, ethical and trustworthy.
Integrity and transparency regarding business decisions and operations control our movements and we encourage any behaviour that indicates the same.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement is our value that enables us to maintain our way of doing business, approach and methodologies in all processes we carry out at Sanovel in a way that makes our strategic, managerial and operational processes more efficient and creates added value.
It is essential for us to always aim for the best in performance, quality, creativity and added value creation.
We work with a philosophy of continuous improvement to find better and productive ways of doing our work, improve business processes, and achieve success.
The continuous development of our employees and team members is also a high-priority responsibility.
We improve our processes and try to achieve successful results in more efficient ways.


At Sanovel, the basis of all our processes is to adapt quickly to change and innovation. Agility is one of our core values, as we advance with a lean, effective, result-oriented perspective.
The way we do business is agile. Yet it acquires the viewpoint of simplicity.
We utilise our procedures and methods to generate value and help keep bureaucracy at bay.
Adapting to change and new developments happen swiftly, as we aim to achieve increased efficiency in every process.
We work with plans that are flexible and can easily adapt to changing conditions.
Our communication and cooperation is lean, effective, and impact-focused.
In situations where we need to change our strategies, applications or perspectives, we quickly manoeuvre and make agile plans that can be changed without a large turnaround time.

Respecting The Society & The Environment

At the heart of our business and all our processes, there is deep respect for the society and environment. We own this value as the most fundamental responsibility in every step we take, compromising everything that could negatively impact the environment.
We feel responsible for the impact of our business, production and management processes on the environment and society.
We always treat our patients, the community and the environment with respect.
Adapting to change and new developments happen swiftly, as we aim to achieve increased efficiency in every process.
Our environmental and social evaluations in all our decision-making processes help keep the entire value chain undisturbed.
We avoid decisions and processes that have a negative impact on the environment and society.