Development, Innovation and Humanity is in our DNA

We are here to take stronger and agile steps and to always do better. With our strong R&D, skilled human resources, and products of the highest standards, we are building a healthier future.


Ethical and Trustworthy

Respectful to Environment and Society

Continuous Improvement

Our Strength Comes From Our Values

Creating a healthier world involves believing in a value system which keeps everyone inspired, fueling strength to achieve better, every single day. That is exactly what we do!

Responsible, Sustainable Production

To us, production means productivity. It means using natural resources and all kinds of energy in the most efficient, productive, and economical way possible, and being respectful to nature and human health.

Your Health is Our Responsibility

Each product we create, each idea we develop carries a great responsibility. Because we are working for your health with all our technologies and employees. Therefore, even the tiniest detail is of great importance to us.

Therapeutic areas

You can view all the treatment areas Sanovel provides.

Professional Products

You can view all products Sanovel provides.

Environmental Responsibility

Sanovel aims to preserve nature and human health in every activity.

Our Job is A Healthy Future

We use cutting-edge technologies in our R&D works, and we work always to develop something better with an innovation and an improvement-focused mindset. With our strong and high production capacity, we are carrying the Turkish pharmaceutical industry into the future.

Working for a Healthier Future

With our hundreds of expert employees, we are working to create a healthier future. If you want to learn, grow, and contribute to a healthier future too, Sanovel is where you want to be.

Our Values Light Our Way

Sanovel has a structure where all employees can change diseases, society, and the environment in a positive way, and learn something every day and improve themselves.

Our Employees are the Source of our Success

Sanovel Pharmaceutics Human Resources aims to create a happy and productive working environment that can make a difference in its field.

We Offer All Our Employees A Balanced And Valuable Life

When it comes to business life, as Sanovel, we believe that equality, creativity, and creating value are the fundamentals of a successful working environment.
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