Our Story

Our Journey from the Past to the Present

Growing without departing from our values
In 1976, Pharmacist Erol Toksöz entered the pharmaceutical industry by establishing Galenos Pharmaceutical Warehouse in Ankara and laid the foundations of Sanovel in 1983. Since the first day of its establishment, Sanovel has developed without compromising its heartfelt values, has been renewed day by day while gaining experience and has adapted to the requirements of the age in an agile manner. Sanovel continues to add value to every stage of production by valuing people, the environment and all employees.
Journey to 5 Continents with a Team of 5
Sanovel, which started its production journey with a small team of 5 people in Şişli, has moved towards its goals with all its strength and has grown by adding strength to its strength day by day. Today, it has a 59 thousand square meter closed area on a 125 thousand square meter land. Sanovel, which manufactures with innovative methods in its modern facilities at world standards, is expanding beyond the borders of the country to the whole world and taking its place in the global market. With every step it takes, Sanovel aims to move our country's pharmaceutical industry forward and aims to make its name known with its successes in different continents with the excitement of the first day.

Always open to development, change, innovative ideas and innovation, Sanovel was founded with 100% domestic capital and has been serving for a healthy future for more than 30 years. Sanovel, one of the leading companies in the Turkish pharmaceutical industry, continues to be a source of pride with new achievements.
Our manufacturing facility
The foundations of the Sanovel R&D Center and Production Campus were laid in Silivri Çantaköy, Istanbul on November 3, 2001, and production started in April 2006. The purpose of the establishment of the facility is to be approved by international accreditation institutions and to be able to produce for foreign markets. Sanovel continues to improve its production day by day in order to achieve this goal and to make its name known successfully in the world.
The production facility consists of the main production unit, the cephalosporin production unit, purification unit, R&D centre, warehouse, and social infrastructures. The production capacity is 184 million units per year. Sanovel is one of the leading companies in the Turkish pharmaceutical industry, manufacturing products using the most advanced technologies, in strict accordance with the latest Good Manufacturing Practice standards issued by the World Health Organisation.

Sanovel, along with its staff who are experts in their field, qualified workforce and innovative R&D team, produces solutions for the needs of modern medicine with agility. Alongside a local and international stance, it provides direction to the Turkish pharmaceutical industry with a roadmap towards a strong brand recognition in international markets.Sanovel is working towards creating more impact and value for patients across the world, striving with all its ability to build a healthy future.