Environmental Responsibility

It's our duty to protect the Earth

A Pristine Earth for Future Generations
Sanovel aims to preserve nature and human health in all the activities it undertakes. The firm's objectives are continuous improvement through the effective and economic use of natural resources, acting in full compliance with the law, reducing waste at source, and separating and recycling waste. It considers human health and social benefit in all its processes. Sanovel examines where waste is generated, identifies the cause of the waste and makes improvements to prevent further waste and allow more efficient use of resources.
We recognise the value of water, soil and clean air.
The Zero Waste Project aims to prevent or minimize waste generation and to separate, collect and recycle the waste generated.

The Company carries out its operations with ISO-14001 Environmental Management System and OHSAS-18001 Occupational Health and Safety certificates, which are the most comprehensive and valid international standards in terms of requirements, based on the relevant national environmental and labor law regulations. The Company aims to obtain the ISO 50001 Energy Management System Certificate in 2021.

Projects based in our factory

In order to consume lower amounts of energy and to utilise energy in a more efficient fashion, the factory initiated the water cooling group project in May 2021, investing in superior and more efficient technology and aiming to achieve a significant reduction in total electricity consumption.

In 2020, we achieved the lowest level in electrical energy consumption per box for the last decade. Sanovel believes in the possibility of doing more with less energy, to achieve global sustainability. Our research project is ongoing regarding the Solar Energy System (SES), a natural energy resource that has come to prominence recently. SES is a clean, non-polluting, renewable and inexhaustible source of energy source. The aim is to realise the investment in this project in 2021. With the long operating life and efficiency of the SES, a significant portion of the electricity requirements of the factory will be met, and any harmful gas emissions that pollute the environment will be minimized. Thus the total carbon footprint will be significantly reduced.

Sanovel is a firm which regularly checks its environmental impact by monitoring any effects it causes on the environment and setting clear environmental goals and objectives aiming to reduce resource consumption. It does this so that we can hand on a healthy and clean environment to future generations.

We at Sanovel carry out all our activities in a way that respects the environment and people, and we view it as our most fundamental duty to leave a better and more habitable world to future generations.