Developing and changing with innovative approaches, Sanovel Pharmaceuticals aims to maintain continuity in its moral values and attitudes with its employees by not compromising its quality policy in every work it does. In accordance with our founding purpose, we are committed to
Sanovel's quality culture is founded on the concept of "Right the First Time". Every staff member adopts the principles of patient safety and provides excellence in our operations.
Sanovel quality culture starts with product research and development. It encompasses all processes from production to our distribution networks, and is a continuous improvement process.based on
Data Integrity and Security
At Sanovel Pharmaceuticals, data integrity requirements apply equally to paper and electronic data. This approach encourages open reporting against possible errors. The data necessary for the creation of an effective working environment is transferred to all Sanovel Pharmaceuticals personnel and service providers.

In line with 21 CFR Part 11 and Eudralex Vol.4 Annex-11 guidelines, all laboratory devices are selected to create and protect data as "accurate, original, simultaneous, readable, characterizable" and configured according to current expectations. Systems are periodically reviewed and modernization and corrective/preventive action requirements are evaluated.

Thanks to the "Scientific Data Management System (SDMS)" used in the laboratory, the scientific data produced are electronically checked and approved, merged into a common database and stored in a secure environment that allows for retrospective research. SDMS is designed to improve data flow, enhance decision-making capabilities, shorten time-to-market for products, keep up to date with current regulations

is a solution used to ensure compliance and increase the value of vital scientific data at Sanovel Pharmaceuticals.
Our firm is a manufacturer of products that help support a healthy life and thereby promises to:
Establish a Quality Management System in accordance with national + international standards and cGMP regulations
Manufacture products that are effective, safe, and of the desired quality
Manage our resources in the most effective and productive manner
Continuously review the level of quality based on customer requirements and satisfaction, with the participation of all employees
Comply with the stipulations of the quality management system and continuously improve efficiency
Energy Policy
The scope of this policy includes all buildings and facilities located in Silivri location where Sanovel İlaç ve Sanayi Ticaret A.Ş. operates. Sanovel İlaç ve Sanayi Ticaret A.Ş. aims to continuously improve its energy performance, to comply with legal and other requirements, to ensure the participation of all parties with which it is in contact to this policy, to transform the Energy Management System awareness into a corporate culture with the trainings to be given at all levels, and to remain environmentally and economically sustainable during all its activities and services in Silivri location with the awareness of carrying the responsibility of Energy Management System. In order to realize this goal, Sanovel İlaç ve Sanayi Ticaret A.Ş;
With the full participation and support of our employees, to use existing energy resources in the most efficient way without sacrificing comfort and operations, and to set, maintain and allocate the necessary resources to continuously improve their energy performance in line with the "Sustainable Development" approach,
To increase energy efficiency by researching, implementing and maintaining methods to reduce the carbon footprint of our products,
Continuously review and improve the Energy Management System,
To utilize all kinds of information and resources to increase energy efficiency and make it sustainable, to follow new technologies and to research alternative energy sources,
Prioritize energy efficiency in future planned investments and activities,
To organize the necessary training programs on improving energy awareness throughout the organization, to provide all kinds of information, documents and resources necessary for these activities and to play an active role,
Comply with national and international legislation and laws, regulations, mandatory standards and other requirements,
Communicate effectively with customers, authorities, stakeholders and subcontractors on Energy Management related issues to achieve shared value and beneficial outcomes,
We are committed to supporting energy efficient choices to improve energy performance in the design and procurement of energy, products, equipment and services.
Health, Safety and Environment Policy
All factory employees of SANOVEL İLAÇ SAN. ve TİC. A.Ş., which has made quality a lifestyle, continues its activities with the awareness of respect for the environment, is open to change, reliable, prioritizes customer satisfaction and medical ethics, and adopts contributing to human health as its main goal;
To ensure the health and safety of our employees, interns, subcontractors and visitors, who are our most valuable resource, by always identifying hazards in advance and accepting the Turkish Legislation on occupational health and safety as minimum standards, taking precautions against the risks of loss, accident or damage within the scope of the principles of environmental protection,
To use natural resources and all kinds of energy resources in the most efficient and economical way, to reduce waste (solid, liquid, gas) and noise pollution by controlling them at the source, to recycle them and to reduce the negative effects of our activities on the environment and human health by disposing of them with the most appropriate technology and methods,
To continuously increase the occupational health, safety and environmental responsibility awareness of all our employees, customers and subcontractors, starting from senior management, by organizing activities to raise awareness on health, safety and environmental protection,
Cooperating with our customers, employees and suppliers, listening to them and responding to their demands, continuously improving our environmental protection, occupational health and safety performance and taking it forward,
To prevent the recurrence of incidents and accidents and to improve our performance, to investigate their root causes, to take all necessary corrective actions and to ensure the permanence of these actions,
Considering environmental, occupational health and safety risks while planning our ongoing activities and new investments,
Complying with the laws and regulations of the Ministry of Health and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards required by the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector, as well as relevant national and international legal regulations approved by the Turkish Grand National Assembly, relevant laws/legislation and other obligations related to this policy,
Responsible for the protection of health, safety and the environment. Managers are responsible for ensuring the implementation of this policy in their units, ensuring the continuity of the management system by periodically checking and improving our performance in these matters and increasing the reputation of our company in the public opinion.