Sanovel Campus

Learning is Continuous Development

The Sanovel family can access Sanovel Campus, which lets all our staff reach all resources for learning and development and to connect easily from wherever they are. The Campus is a new digital platform that allows us to gain new skills and to develop our existing skills, to communicate and to socialise.

What is there on Sanovel Campus?

I am Learning and Developing

Under the "I am Learning and Developing" menu there are professional and personal development training topics. Trainings that have been newly uploaded to Sanovel Campus are presented through notifications.

Agile Development Tools

Under the agile development area menu there are trainings which have been prepared to gain new skills and to further develop existing skills. There are instant notifications in this area about trainings newly uploaded to this section.

Internal Company Notices

All internal company notices are found under the "Announcements" menu on Sanovel Campus. Through mobile notifications, everyone is instantly informed of all the announcements on Sanovel Campus.

About Sanovel

Under the "about Sanovel" menu there is information about the history, vision, values and culture of Sanovel Pharmaceutical.

Career Opportunities

Under the career opportunities menu, there are announcements about internal career opportunities. Career opportunities are instantly advertised through notifications.

Social Groups

There are two sections in the social area of the Sanovel Campus, which are termed "sharing group" and "my personal page".

Within the sharing group area there are different social groups under different subject headings.

Through social groups, all Sanovel Pharmaceutical employees can share, like and comment on these posts, and interact regardless of time and place.

In the "my personal page" area, our employees can create their own blog. Through "my personal page", all Sanovel Pharmaceutical employees can interact with the blogs by sharing, liking and commenting on these posts, at any time and in any place.


The resources section provides access to files such as regulations, procedures and corporate forms.

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