Sanovel Culture

Let Us Work To Add Health To The Future

We are Learning, Developing and Regenerating

Sanovel, which has always valued its employees, adheres to a common corporate culture, values and goals, is innovative, open to change and agile. It has become an institution that respects people and the environment. Reliability is one of the most fundamental and vital characteristics of our company DNA. It places importance on its employees establishing a relationship based on mutual trust with the company as a whole and with individuals. It considers respect for people and the environment as one of its fundamental duties. It invests in production technologies that fit our ethical values. It supports continuous development, acts together, and invests in a future involving different and innovative viewpoints. By rapidly adapting to the requirements of the era it moves in an agile way. It produces to global standards without compromising its principles or understanding of high quality standards. As well as providing direction to the Turkish Pharmaceutical Industry through its national stance, Sanovel also aims to be able to have a powerful role in the global market.

We Are One Big Family

The employees have the ability to add value for patients, society and themselves. They add to the growth of the firm and they contribute to success. The firm has an inclusive and constructive culture.
Sanovel has a structure which means that employees, through their work, can alter disease, society and the environment in a positive way, and can learn new things every day and develop themselves. It possesses a deep-rooted culture in which, whilst developing as a corporate structure, it still preserves a family culture.

By bringing its vision and strategies to life, it creates value for all its stakeholders. It aims to offer a principled, innovative and creative working climate for its employees. It has a culture in which initiative is given to employees, there is transparency, accommodation and inclusivity. It supports social activities, events and platforms within the firm which reinforce the Sanovel family culture.

As a business, it acts with an understanding of social responsibility and develops projects in this direction.

In all the activities involved in social responsibility, the firm places importance on its employees participating voluntarily, their ideas and support. It is proud to be joined as an organisation and to be working together towards the same goals. As a business, it observes the economic, social and environmental effects of the activities the employees undertake and aims to motivate them to manage activities with a social responsibility concept and to inspire the public.

Sanovel's Values

Sanovel's values lie at the base of every decision taken. They act as a guide for the business. They define the working structure and principles. Sanovel's values explain the firm's identity and where we are heading. They are principles which illuminate the way for employees.

Our values
  • They establish a bond with the society through shared fundamental principles- Evrensel değerlerden beslenir.
  • They are nurtured by universal values
  • They inspire the employees
  • They indicate to our stakeholders the way we do our work and create trust.

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Our employees are the source of our success