Let's Work To Add Health To The Future

We are working for health with our hundreds of world-class employees, each of whom has competence in his/her field. If you want to learn continuously, develop and contribute to a healthy future, Sanovel is the right place for you.

Let's Work To Add Health To The Future

Sanovel has a structure which means that all employees, through their work, can alter disease, society and the environment in a positive way, and can learn new things every day and develop themselves.

Sanovel Culture

Let Us Succeed Together

If your aim is to serve a healthier future with Sanovel, to move the Turkish Pharmaceutical Industry forward, to spearhead innovation in the pharmaceutical sector and to achieve remarkable success in five continents, Sanovel is waiting to welcome you.

Becoming a Sanovel Employee

Our Employees Are The Source Of Our Success

Sanovel Pharmaceuticals Human Resources aims, through creating a world-class qualified workforce which can create a real difference in its field, to engender a happy and productive working environment.

Our Human Resources Approach

We Are Becoming Stronger By Supporting Development

Sanovel is a firm which invests in change, innovation and continuous development. It supports all employees with continuous training for their professional development.

The Sanovel Campus

We Offer All Our Employees A Balanced And Worthwhile Life

We at Sanovel believe that, in business life, equality, creativity and the creation of value are the fundamental requirements for a successful working environment.

Diversity and Inclusion at Sanovel