Sanovel in International Markets

Our Goal Is To Advance With The Same Success Across Different Continents

Production to Global Standards

Sanovel, which is a leader in the pharmaceutical sector in Turkey, by developing products of high quality to global standards, is showing the way to its own sector. Sanovel possesses one of the largest factories in Europe, and has obtained GMP authorisation from the authorising bodies of various countries following rigorous and comprehensive inspections. It mainly initiated its export activities by entering the Commonwealth of Independent States market in 2004. It exported its products to Europe for the first time in 2011. Currently it exports to many developing country markets.
These markets are, respectively: Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Iraq, Albania, Turkmenistan, Spain and the United States.

We Are Directing Change By Taking Agile Steps

The regulatory team, in co-ordination with the Sanovel Business Development and International Operations Functions, R&D, Licensing, Intellectual Property and Legal Functions, creates new business opportunities for Sanovel in new geographic regions.

The firm, through obtaining ANDA approval in the year 2019, became the only Turkish pharmaceutical manufacturer that has the right to sell finished products on the US market. In the near future, we aim to increase our share in the international markets involving the MENA, Southeast Asian and LATAM markets.

There are 100 marketing authorisations expected from registration approval in more than 20 new international markets. It aims, with every day that passes, to reach more places in the world via its agile export team, which adapts quickly to change and innovation, working within global standards.