Development, Innovation and Humanity are in our very DNA

We are here to take each step more firmly, to become more agile and to achieve better. We are working for a healthier world, with our strong R & D, qualified workforce and high standard products.

We Draw Our Strength From Our Values

We are working for health with our hundreds of staff, all of whom are competent in their field and work to world standards. If you want to learn continuously, develop and contribute to a healthy future, Sanovel is the right place for you.

Vision & Values

Sanovel's journey from the past to the present...

Erol Toksöz entered the Pharmaceutical sector in 1976 when he founded Ankara Galenos Pharmaceutical Wholesaler, thereby laying the foundations for Sanovel to begin in 1983.

Our Heritage

Our Goal Is To Advance With The Same Success Across Different Continents

Sanovel, which is a leader in the pharmaceutical sector in Turkey, by developing products of high quality to global standards,

Overseas Activities